Spring is in the Air 🌷



Today is a lovely, sunny –but quite windy– day!  It is also the spring equinox🌷.  As the weather warms and the flowers bloom, it brings a sense of renewal, rebirth and hope.

皆様お気をつけ下さい 「 Everyone please take care.」

From Prague’s Left Bank 「プラハの左岸から」

Prague is simply amazing! The Vltava river runs through the city center, dividing it into two parts, much like the Ohashi river in Matsue😉.


The old neighborhood on the left bank, Mala Strana, is full of cobblestoned streets, lined with colorful homes, that wind up to the magnificent castle (see slideshow below).

左岸の旧市街、「マラーストラナ」には、壮麗な城に続く色とりどりの家が並ぶ石畳の通りがたくさんあります。 (下のスライドショー)

Just a bit further up from Prague Castle is the Strahov Monastery, which has two extraordinarily beautiful libraries, The Philosophical Hall (left) and The Theological Hall (right) .


Near the left bank tower of Charles Bridge, is the Lennon Wall (below), where fans from all over the world come to pay tribute to John Lennon.


In the future, I will post pictures from Prague’s right bank!

3月営業日のお知らせ・March Hours




March Salon Hours:

In addition to our usual hours of operation, we will also be open on March 3rd and 17th, the first and third Tuesdays of the month.

In Bucharest「ブカレストから」

ブカレストはルーマニアの首都であり、中世から現代までの建築物が混在しています。私たちは、国民の館「共産主義時代」からウニリー大通りを市の中まで歩ていました。ブカレストの歴史的中心部にあるは、クルテア ヴェケ、スタヴロポレオス教会、ショップ、レストランなど。

Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, has a mixture of architecture from the medieval to modern. We walked from the Communist era, enormous, Palace of the Parliament, down Unirii Boulevard and into the historical city center full of shops, restaurants, Curtea Veche (The Old Princely Court) and Stavropoleos Monastery.


We also visited an edgy men’s salon in downtown Bucharest, Art Inspire. The stylist, Eric Savu, was fantastic and very professional. All of the staff were stylish, welcoming, and had excellent English!

❤︎ Bucharest, also known as “Little Paris,” is truly a nice city! ❤︎