Beautiful Day!!


こんにちは ☀️

今日はとてもステキな天気ですね !

Today is such a beautiful day ♫.

It’s been a while since the sky was so clear and perfectly blue!!  

Even the canal outside Hair Innovation is sparkling.✨

I hope there are many, many more days like today this Fall.


そして大橋川も輝いてます 😊



9月28日、29日「土・日」10:30〜17:00は「ノスタルジックたてまち手仕事マーケット2013」!! いろいろな手作り品いっぱいあります:アクセサリー、イラスト、布雑貨など…そして32番は私のお友達の:ひで工房作品はいくつかヘアーイノベーションにもあります♡


From 10:30am to 5:00pm on Saturday and Sunday the 28th and 29th of September, there will be a market in Tatemachi featuring handmade arts and crafts!

I recommend the pottery by ひで工房 (# 32).  She is coming from Hiroshima and has created many of the potteries you see at Hair Innovation (see photo above)♡.  There will also be food and drink booths at the market–enjoy!!





こんにちは☀️ 一昨日天神さん夏祭りへ行きました!



These photos are from the Tenjin-san Natsu Matsuri, a shinto festival held every 24th and 25th of July at Tenman-gu shrines all over Japan.  In Matsue, the mikoshi are paraded down the streets, which are lined with food and game booths.

 The shrine is lit up and packed with festival goers coming to pay homage to the god of scholarship.  It is one of my favorite parts of summer!

Members of Matsue City FC were also at the festival! Go Matsue❤︎

Container Gardening part II

今回はガーデニングトークパート2です。   今日は父の日なので、私の父のガーデニングを紹介します♫




最近花ワールドにホスタ を見つけて、購入しました「下右の写真」!


In honor of Father’s Day, I’d like to share some photos of my dad’s garden in Ashland, Oregon.  Three photos are views of the backyard and one is of my dad’s “bistro” (upper right).  On sunny days, my parents enjoy breakfast together near the honeysuckle, which is very fragrant.

Mr. K and I visited Oregon in 2011 and enjoyed the backyard with the stone steps and walls my dad built himself!  One of my dad’s favorite plants is hosta, a fast growing perennial with beautiful green leaves.  You can see some next to the bench (lower left).  Recently, I saw some hosta at a local garden shop!  I decided to get some for the container gardens at Hair Innovation (lower right).  I’m really excited to watch it grow over the summer☆

ハッピーファザーズデイ ♡ Happy Father’s Day, Dad!!